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Cookie Policy

Last update: may, 24th of 2018.

The following Cookie Policy, in pursuance of article 13 of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 "General Data Protection Regulation" (GDPR), is provided by Dorlindon (hereafter "Dorlindon") to enable the user (hereafter "User") to be fully informed about the way cookies are used to collect information given when he visits the "www.dorlindon.com" website.

This information applies only to the "www.dorlindon.com" website (hereafter "Website"), so it does not concern any other website that may be visited via deep links present in the Dorlindon's Website.

This Cookie Policy should be read together with the Privacy Policy, of which should be considered an integral part.

1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small text strings that a website sends to the user's device, where information is memorized for various purposes. In particular, cookies allow the website to recognize users on subsequent visits or enable other websites to recognize such users for particular purposes.

Cookies cannot be used to retrieve other data from the user's hard disk, transmit computer viruses or identify and use e-mail addresses.

Cookies are used in the Dorlindon Website for several purposes, mainly to ensure the correct functioning of the Website and offer the User an improved and more efficient browsing experience.

2. Types of cookies

Based on the entity that installs them on the user's terminal, cookies can be classified as:

  • First-party cookies, proprietary cookies installed by the operator of the website visited by the user in order to enable the latter to browse more efficiently the website and/or support the monitoring of his activities;
  • Third-party cookies, sent by websites or web servers other than the one he is currently visiting, for the same purposes mentioned before.

Cookies are used for various purposes and differ from one another on the basis of the objectives pursued by the entity that installs them. They can be divided in:

  • Technical cookies, used only to send a notification via an electronic communication network or strictly to the extent required to provide a service expressly requested by the user.
    The user's prior consent is not necessary for the use of these cookies.
    They can be divided in:
    • Navigation cookies, to ensure the normal browsing and use of the website through different options or service (allow the user to make a purchase or an authentication);
    • Functional cookies, to save user preferences and facilitate the browsing experience based on a set of selected criteria (for example, language, browser type, etc.);
    • Analytical cookies, when the are directly used by the website’s operator, or by third-parties collecting only anonymized IP, to collect anonymous and aggregate information on visitors and on how visitors use the website for statistical purposes.
  • Profiling cookies, aimed at creating user profiles, are used to send advertising messages that reflect the preferences expressed by the user while surfing the web or to enhance his navigation experience.
    The user's prior consent is necessary for the use of these cookies.

Cookies can be automatically eliminated when the user abandons the website or when he closes the browser (Session cookies), or can be stored in the user's device until they expire or until he deletes them (Persistent cookies).

3. Cookies used by the Website

The cookies used on the Dorlindon Website are listed in the following tables.

3.1 Technical cookies

Two types of technical cookies, session and functional cookies, are strictly necessary for the functioning of the Website or to allow the User to make full use of the contents and services he requests.

To deactivate these cookies, the User can use the browser settings (follow the instructions provided in the following "4.2 Management of cookies from the browser's settings" section).

If the User blocks or deletes technical cookies used by the Website, this may become impossible to browse, certain services or functions of the Website may become unavailable or other malfunctions may occur. In this case, the User may have to modify or manually enter some information or preferences every time he visits the Website.

3.1.1 Session cookies

Cookie nameControllerLifetimePurpose
PHPSESSID Dorlindon Session Identification and continuation of the User's navigation session.

3.1.2 Functional cookies

Cookie nameControllerLifetimePurpose
cart Dorlindon Session Identification of the User's shopping cart.
cartcount Session Total number of articles present in the User's shopping cart.
iu Session Define the User as a logged user of the Site.
aa Dorlindon Session Indicates that the User has seen the cookie law banner.


3.2 Third-party cookies

Third-party cookies are cookies set up on the User’s device by a domain or website distinct from the Dorlindon Website, used also for the third-parties' own purposes. Dorlindon is unable to carry out any specific check on these third-parties and their cookies. For information on these cookies and their characteristics and modes of operation, and to give specific consent, use the links shown in the table below, or refer to the third-parties directly, as suppliers and Data Controllers.

Analytical cookies provide details on how the Website is used by Users. With these cookies, no information on the identity of the User is collected, nor any personal data. Information is processed in an aggregate and anonymous way.

To deactivate any profiling or third-party cookies, use the browser settings follow the instructions provided in the following "4.2 Management of cookies from the browser's settings" section) or the indications provided by the relevant third party.

The blocking of analytical or profiling cookies will not affect the functioning of the Website or its contents and services.

3.2.1 Analytical cookies

Cookie nameControllerLifetimePurposePrivacy policy & Opt-out
_ga Google Analytics Persistent (2 years) Google Analytics with IP anonymization (Google Inc.)
Google Analytics is a web analysis service by Google Inc to anonymously monitor for statistical purposes how the visitor uses the Website. The integration of Google Analytics in the Dorlindon Website makes the User's IP address anonymous.  
For more informations: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/6004245?hl=en

Privacy policy:

To Opt-out: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout?hl=en 
_gat Persistent (1 minute)
_gid Persistent (24 hours)


4. Management of cookie preferences

When the User visits any page of the Website, a banner containing a simplified policy statement is displayed.
If he continues to browse the Website, by accessing another area of the Website or by selecting any of its elements (e.g. an image or a link), the User agrees to the use of cookies.
The User may change and manage his cookie preferences either through the Website or his browser’s settings.

4.1 Management of cookies through the Website

Using the opt-out links indicated in the "3.2 Third-party cookies" section, the User can disable third-party cookies.

4.2 Management of cookies from the browser's settings

The Dorlindon Website works optimally if cookies are enabled.The User can still prevent cookies from being installed on his device, or disable cookies installed visiting other websites, by using the browser configuration tools. If he disables cookies completely, he may disable some features of the Website or prevent them from working properly.

The User can manage cookie preferences through his web browser settings , prevent cookies from being installed on his device, or disable cookies installed visiting other websites:

If the User is using a mobile device, he should consult the instruction manual for information on how to manage cookies.

5. Data controller

The data controller of the personal data collected through this website is Dorlindon, 278 Glasnevin Avenue, Glasnevin, Dublin 11, Ireland, email address info@dorlindon.com, owner of the registered trademark "Dorlindon" (from now on "Dorlindon") and of the "www.dorlindon.com" website.

6. Categories of recipients, comunication and dissemination of personal data

Data collected through cookies are processed by employees and staff of Dorlindon expressly appointed as persons in charge of the processing or data processors.
These data may be processed by third-party companies carrying out technical and organisational work on Dorlindon's behalf (for example: hosting companies, programmers). These companies are appointed as data processors.
The User's personal data will be communicated to third-parties only with his express consent, except for the cases when such communication is obligatory by law or is required for purposes envisaged by the law, for which the person’s consent is not required.
Data collected through cookies may be transferred abroad by taking the necessary measures and precautions under the applicable laws, so that Dorlindon can grant an adequate level of data security and protection. Under no circumstances the User's data will be disclosed to indeterminate persons.

7. Purposes of data processing and legal bases of processing

Dorlindon will process the User's personal data for very specific purposes and only if there has been met the requeirements of one of the following legal basis, as provided from the personal data protection and privacy legislation:

  • the User has freely given his specific, informed, unambiguous and affirmative consent to the processing of said data;
  • the processing is necessary to the performance of a contract to which the User is a party or to take pre-contractual measures at his request;
  • for the purposes of the pursuit of Dorlindon's legitimate interests;
  • Dorlindon has a legal obligation to process said personal data.


8. Period of retention of personal data

Personal data processed for the purposes described above will be held in compliance with the principles of proportionality and necessity, and, in all cases, until the purposes of the processing have been completed.

9. Security measures

Dorlindon adopts security measures that are sufficient to reduce the risks of destruction or loss of data, even if accidental, to a minimum, to impede unauthorised access, illicit types of processing and processing that is not in accordance with the purposes of collection as indicated in our Privacy Policy.

10. Data subject's rights

Under articles 15 - 21 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR), the User has the right, in relation to the Personal Data he provides, to access and request a copy, request rectification, request erasure, obtain restriction of data processing, object to the processing, receive in a commonly-used structured form readable on an automatic device and to transmit without impediment said data to another Data Controller in the case that this is technically feasible.

The User has the right to withdraw consent at any time, without affecting the lawfulness of processing based on consent before its withdrawal, if the processing is based on point (a) of Article 6 (1) or point (a) of Article 9 (2), of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 "General Data Protection Regulation" (GDPR).

The User has the right to make a complaint to the relevant Data Protection Authority.

The User may freely exercise his rights at any time by sending a written request to Dorlindon, to the mailing address or to the email info@dorlindon.com, and Dorlindon will reply promptly.

To ensure that his personal data is always exact, up to date, pertinent and complete, the User is asked to advise Dorlindon of any variations by writing to info@dorlindon.com.

11. Variations and updates of the Dorlindon Cookie Policy

Dorlindon may modify or simply update this Website's Cookie Policy, in part or completely, even owing to variations of the laws and regulations that govern this matter and protect the User's rights. Such variations and updates of the Cookie Policy will be notified to Users on the Home Page as soon as they are introduced and will be binding as soon as published on the Website. Dorlindon therefore invites the User to visit this section often to read the most recent and updated version of this Cookie Policy.

The User is reminded that this Cookie Policy should always be read together with the Privacy Policy, of which should be considered an integral part, especially concerning the data controller, categories of recipients, comunication and dissemination of personal data, purposes of data processing and legal bases of processing, period of retention of personal data, security measures and data subject's rights.

12. Contacts

If the User wishes to receive more information about how Dorlindon processes his personal data, as detailed in Dorlindon's Privacy Policy, he can write an email to info@dorlindon.com.

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