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Payment for products and services purchased on the Website may be made using the following payment methods.

Paypal & Credit Cards

Payment for products and services purchased on the Website can be made through PayPal using a Credit Card or a PayPal account, according to the terms and conditions of the contract agreed between the Customer and PayPal.

When paying by PayPal, the amount of the purchase will be debited by PayPal immediately, when transmitting the order.

Data entered on the PayPal site will be treated directly by PayPal and will by no means forwarded or shared with Dorlindon. Dorlindon has no knowledge of and does not store credit card data linked to the Customer's PayPal account, or data of any other payment instrument associated with PayPal.

In the case of payment by PayPal, the Customer will be redirected from the Dorlindon website ("www.dorlindon.com") to the PayPal website to carry out the payment process, following the PayPal procedures.
The order process will be considered concluded when, after the payment process, the Customer will be redirected to the Dorlindon website again ("www.dorlindon.com") showing the order confirmation page.

If the payment process is not possible due to wrong data input by the Customer or by other technical causes indicated by PayPal, the Customer will not be able to conclude the order confirmation procedure. If the Customer decides to abandon the PayPal payment page, he will be redirected to the Dorlindon website again ("www.dorlindon.com") showing the order confirmation failure page.

With any termination of the contract and subsequent cancellation of the order, the amount of the purchase will be credited back to the same Customer's PayPal account. The means of crediting the payment method connected to a PayPal account depend exclusively on PayPal. Once the purchase amount paid via a Pay Pal account is repaid, Dorlindon will under no circumstances be liable for any damages, direct or indirect, caused by delays that are attributable to Paypal or to the banking system in effecting the credit.

To guarantee the safety of payments made through the Website and to prevent fraud, Dorlindon reserves the right to ask for additional Customer information (e.g. a fixed line telephone number, or a two-sided copy of a valid identity card via email or fax).

The email will specify the time limit to provide Dorlindon with this information. This deadline will, in any event, be no longer than 4 working days from receipt of the request by the Customer. The order will be suspended until the information is received.

The Customer must provide the information requested within the time specified. If Dorlindon does not receive the documentation requested within the time limit, or the documentation is out of date or invalid, the contract will be considered cancelled and the order cancelled with Dorlindon reserving the right to seek redress for any damages incurred due to the improper actions of the Customer.

Termination of the contract will be communicated to the Customer within 4 working days of the end of the time limit to send to required documentation, as requested by Dorlindon. Termination will involve cancellation of the order and reimbursement of any amounts paid by the Customer.

If Dorlindon receives the requested documentation within the time limit then consignment terms for the Products will apply from the date of receipt of the documentation or the date of confirmation of the transaction by the fraud risk prevention Centre.

Bank transfer

Payment for Products purchased on the Website can be made through bank transfer.

If the Customer chooses the bank transfer as the method of payment, Dorlindon will communicate to the Customer, in the purchase order receipt email, in addition to already explained informations, also the bank account details to facilitate the payment.

The payment of the Products by bank transfer must convey not later than 7 working days after the notification of the receipt of the purchase order receipt email. Upon expiry of that period, the contract cand be considered terminated. If Dorlindon chooses to terminate the contract, an email will be sent to the Customer.

The delivery start beginning from the date of the received bank transfer and not from the date of the forwarding of the order as in the case the Consumer chooses other methods of payment.

To facilitate the connection between the received payment by bank transfer and the forwarded order, the Customer is invited to specify in the purpose of the credit transfer the following information:

  • the order identification number;
  • the date of the applied order;
  • name and surname of the holder of the order, if different from the account holder of the bank transfer.

It is also recommended to the Customer to send to Dorlindon, by email, the receipt of the bank transfer when it has been made.

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