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Weddings and Blessings

Forest Blessings

The Elves have granted you safe passage, the path to the forest Cathedral is open, songs of birds and chanting fairies will guide you...
The elements behold, girdled in nature, the Celebration you have long yearned will be forever blessed...

The Forest Realm of Dorlindon is an enchanting place for Intimate Elopements, Petite Weddings and Blessings...

Nature weddings

Where Mother Nature is your witness and your only creed.

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Celtic weddings

Where the profound connection to the natural world is part of the Spiritual Belief (handfasting, ring of stones, sacred stone thrown in the pond; Claddagh ring) the phrase "tying the knot" comes from an old tradition that symbolizes the bond of marriage in the same way that the exchanging of rings does in most ceremonies today; handfasting, probably Celtic but certainly used by the Norsemen.

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Elven weddings

Inspired by the perennial myth of timeless beauty and harmony.

Viking weddings

Rituals of strength and love (Viking Honeymoon -where does the word honeymoon come from? Well, it comes from the Scandinavian practice of drinking honey mead).

Blessings and Rituals

The deepness of the symbolism for the momentous events of life.

Christian Blessings

Although no Christian wedding can be performed outside a Church (be it Catholic or Protestant), Christian Blessings can be performed in Dorlindon.

Vow Renewals

For those who had wished their original wedding to be a fairy tale, the occasion to realize their dream or simply renew your love.


Artistic Wedding Photography for your most precious moment.



Our Celebrants and registered Solemnisers bring their very special enhancements to your ceremony to make it truly magical.


Perform blessings, vow renewals and wedding ceremonies.


Celebrants and Registered Solemnisers

Perform blessings, vow renewals and wedding ceremonies and can also perform a legally binding wedding ceremony.


Make Up Artists

To have the look from a dream in your forest wedding photographs.


Wedding flowers & floral designs

Indispensable in order to create an atmosphere of elegance on the day of your ceremony.


Wedding dress and Celebration outfit

The right outfit to create a connection with nature through unique clothing.



The best soundtrack for the ceremony is a live perfomance.

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For additional information contact us at: activities@dorlindon.com.

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