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Nature walks and talks

Primary school tours

A magical adventure in the Forest of Dorlindon...

The secret Elven Forest Realm of Dorlindon is welcoming young brave explorers who seek to learn the ways of nature, ancient tales and the magic of arts and crafts.

Primary school trips to a Nature Sanctuary located in the Wicklow Mountains, yet easily accessible from Dublin, (close to the N11).

Our instructors include qualified zoologists and ecologists, experienced bushcraft instructors, talented storytellers and expert craftsmen (and craftswomen).

There are six main quests, the main “Realm Tour” and other five to choose from:

  • Realm Tour: a guided tour through the forest trail; discover the wooden built elven domes and shrines, walk over log bridges leading onto islets, under hand-carved arches and majestic statues, discover secret ponds and cathedrals of trees.
  • Nature Class: Pond dipping and Bio-Diversity Discovery.
  • Bushcraft: Firesafety and Fire Lighting techniques (flint and steel and bowdrill), learn to track and identify signs of wildlife and other outdoor survival skills.
  • Arts and Crafts: Traditional arts and crafts and artistic creation experience (i.e. clay impressions, pine cone ornaments, nature weaving, twig and branch crafts, depending on season and availability of materials).
  • Storytelling and interactive music: Get swept away on a magical music adventure as we bring to life the enchanting fairy tales of the forest! This interactive music and storytelling experience allows to collectively explore beautiful traditional stories with musical chime-bars and percussion instruments whilst letting the imagination run wild!
  • The Auld Armoury: view medieval armory and weaponry, from chainmails to plate armor, from a crossbow to a two handed sword; learn how they were made next to Dorlindon's Anvil.

There is a picnic area with seating and tables and toilet facility; up to 4 hours activity, (30 minutes food break - food not provided). We now have sheltered areas where to perform most of the activities in case of bad weather.

Please do call us for any query or special request; we would also welcome a school representative for a personal preview of the place if required.

Health and Safety memo and binding Park Rules will be provided.

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For additional information contact us at: activities@dorlindon.com.

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